Pre-Editing Post Production Process

Here is a post production process that I have been perfecting for non-linear editing.  I use Final Cut 7, Compressor and Adobe Audition for this process. 

-The first thing I do is import the footage we’ve shot into Final Cut.

-When shooting on location audio can be a major issue. There is always air conditioning, birds chirping etc.  The biggest problems with on location audio we have are the bells on the Basilica which seem to ring whenever we shoot and metro trains that run past the University.  I run a basic equalizer (to make the lavaliere microphone sound more dynamic) and some minor noise reduction over the vocal track.  I always make sure not to over do it.  Noise reduction like reverb and delay can destroy the quality of your sound if used too much.  Also, many of the minor discrepancies in the audio track will get covered when I score the final piece.  After I apply the filters, I master the audio track.  Finally, I export a WAV file (an uncompressed audio file).



I do most of my mixing in Adobe Audition. But any DAW (the most famous being ProTools) will do the trick.


After I export the audio.  I import it into Final Cut and sync it with the video. The greyed out audio tracks on the bottom is the unedited portion of the audio which has been muted.



After that.  I tweak the color using the the Color Corrector 3-way filter in Final Cut.

Before color correction:





After Color correction:



I tend to oversaturate my images in color correction because once the 1080 video is compressed into 720HD or SD most of the color is lost.  The overcompensation sort of brings you back to zero in terms of color.


After color correction, I send my edited version over to Apple Compressor and compress in Apple ProRes, which does not compress the footage.


After Compressor finishes I import the final footage into Final Cut and it is ready for editing.


IEDM Students in the Real World

Here are three shorts in a series about IEDM graduate students and their research on economic development.

Admissions Video B-Roll

One of our ongoing projects is producing a new video for the office of Admissions.  Here are some stills from Odyssey Day:


Career Services Documentary

We are currently in production of a short documentary for Career Services.  I am shooting the interviews with our Panasonic AF 100 and a Canon 24mm f/1.4 lens.  We are using the University photographer’s studio, which is a pretty tight space.

It’ll take a few weeks to turn over the film but here are a few photos from my iPhone from the first interview:


Here is a link to the finished video:


The Office of Video Production and New Media of The Catholic University of America has started this video and technology blog so that we can show the world what our office is up to and discuss problems and tools in video production.

As we develop this blog and get settled in to, we will be posting troubleshooting solutions and reviews of hardware and software that we use. Check back for more video production goodness!